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  • JWGB Vapor Series
  • Static-Volumetric Vapor Sorption Analyzer
  • Adsorbate
  • Such as Carbon monoxide, ammonia and substances
  • that are liquid at room temperature.
  • (Except corrosive/ hyper-toxic/hazardous gas)
  • product_d01
  • Vapor sorption temperature
  • 0 - 50 ℃
  • Pore size distribution range
  • 0.35 - 500 nm
  • Configuration comparison
  • Parts Vapor 200CVapor 100CVapor 100B
    Vapor Sorption Station1 (1/0.1 Torr)1 (1/0.1 Torr)1 (10 Torr)
    Micropore Analysis Station1 (1/0.1 Torr)NONO
    Pressure Sensors754
    Cold Trap122
    Preparation BitNO
    ( Can be prepared in situ)
    Thermostatic Water Bath1 (0 - 50 oC)1 (0 - 50 oC)1 (0 - 50 oC)
    Dewar flask (1L)2NONO
    Dewar flask (3L)122
    Mechanical PumpOne corrosion-resisting pumpOne corrosion-resisting pump,and One mechanical pumpOne corrosion-resisting pump(or One mechanical pump)
    Molecular Pump11NO
  • Features
    • Preparation of adsorbate by evaporator.
    • Use stainless steel and thermostatic control module as manifold. Constant temperature range: room temperature to 50 oC.
    • Effective cold trap system prevents vapor from polluting vacuum pump and environment.
    • FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer) O rings for banner sealing performance.
  • Applications
    • Measurements of BET surface area and pore size distribution.
    • Measurements of various gas and steam adsorption isotherms.
    • Testing of isosteric heat of adsorption.
    • Determination of selective adsorption coefficient.
  • Main Parameters
  • Parts Vapor 200CVapor 100CVapor 100B
    Testing PrincipleThe static volumetric method
    Data FeaturesBET surface area: ≥ 0.01 m2/g
    Mesopore: 2 - 500 nm (BJH)
    Micropore: 0.35 - 2 nm (t-plot, DR, MP,DA, HK ,SF)
    Physical AdsorbateN2, Ar, Kr, CO2
    Vapor AdsorbateCarbon monoxide, ammonia, and a substance that is liquid at
    room temperature.(Except corrosive, hyper-toxic, hazardous gas)
    Same as Vapor 200C and Vapor 100C,
    but p0 is greater than 1KPa
    Physical Adsorption
    77K, 87K
    Vapor Adsorption Temperature0 - 50 oC
    Steam RecoveryCold trap in analysis stationDouble cold trap in analysis and pretreatment station
    PretreatmentVacuum in-situ pretreatment Separate preposition and vacuum in-situ pretreatment
  • Essential Parameters
  • Evaporator Phase of adsobate transforming from liquid to gas by evaporator in room temperature, implements test requirements
    Adsorption Pressure P/P0 is less than 1 (P0 is saturated vapor pressure of adsobate in adsorption temperature)
    Vacuum Pump Special corrosion – resistant two stage rotary vane vacuum pump, molecular pump
    Pressure Sensor 1000 Torr, 10 Torr, 1Torr
    Sorption Temperature -196 oC is provided by liquid nitrogen in low temperature Dewar flask; 0 - 50 oC is provided by thermostatic water bath.
    Number of Gas Inlet Providing separate gas intakes according to customer requirements. (Number of intakes is multiples of 4).
    Gas Recovery Effective cold trap system prevents from polluting vacuum pump and environment by vapor.
    Pretreatment Vacuum in –situ pretreatment, temperature ≤400 oC ±1 oC.