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Beijing JWGB Instrument Co., Ltd., established in 2004, is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, and services. It specializes in the research and manufacturing of powder material characterization equipment such as physical adsorption instruments. In the past two years, Jingwei Gaobo has expanded its capabilities by acquiring the USA company AMI Instruments and the German company RUBOLAB, allowing it to provide a complete set of solutions for any adsorption material characterization experiment.

Our main products include static specific surface area and pore size analyzers, dynamic specific surface area analyzers, steam adsorption instruments, competitive adsorption instruments, and true density meters.

Founded in 1984, Altamira Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of chemisorption and physisorption instrumentation as well as bench-scale micro-reactor systems for industrial and research use.

AMI instruments have been installed at more than 300 locations around the world. Among these installations are leading national laboratories, influential academic catalyst research groups and major chemical research centers. Altamira Instruments is a company started by and is still staffed by catalysis people. We take pride in our ability to support the end-user with applications/methods development.

In 2019, JWGB Group ( acquired Altamira Instruments.

Rubolab GmbH, established in 2014, traces its roots to a laboratory at Bochum Ruhr University in Germany. The company focuses on the development and distribution of high-quality measuring instruments for adsorption and catalysis research.

With its distinctive patented technology, Magnetic Suspension Balance(MSB)technology, Rubolab GmbH has emerged as a pioneering enterprise in high-pressure adsorption instruments and thermogravimetric analyzers.

In 2020, JWGB Group ( acquired Rubolab GmbH.

Applications Notes
Chemisorption, the chemical bonding between gas-phase molecules andsurface atoms, is the first and most important step in a catalytic reaction On supported metal catalysts, chemisorption takes place on small metal crystallites, which are typically anchored to a high surface are……
Material Characterization - Exploration of Testing Methods for Silver Powder Specific Surface Area
Apparent properties of spherical silver powder (sphericity, tap density, specific surface area, particle size distribution) and sintering characteristics significantly affect the conductivity and photoelectric conversion efficiency of the positive electrode. The sinte……
Material Characterization - Significance of Specific Surface Area of Lithium Iron Phosphate as Cathode Material in Batteries
In the field of electric vehicle batteries, ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate are the two most commonly used types of lithium-ion batteries. Ternary lithium batteries are named "ternary" due to the nickel-cobalt-aluminum or nickel-cobalt-manganese in their cathode mat……
Material Characterization - The Importance of Explosive Dust Specific Surface Area Testing
Frequent dust explosion incidents have gradually drawn attention to the study of dust explosions. Dust explosion refers to the ignition of combustible dust when the dust cloud concentration reaches a certain level, encountering an ignition source. The flame rapidly propagates ……
Material Characterization - Two Methods for Testing the Specific Surface Area of Cement
Cement is an indispensable and essential material in the construction industry. After hardening, it not only exhibits high strength but also resists erosion from freshwater or saltwater. The quality and characteristics of cement are crucial factors that impact the construction……
Material Characterization ▏Breakthrough Curves of Polar and Nonpolar Vapors on Activated Carbon
Introduction In many gas phase applications different polar vapors have to be removed from a given gas mixture. Especially for waste air treatment, the presence of water can disturb the sorption of some harmful components. For this purpose activated carbons with nonpolar su……

Rooted since 2004, shaping the future with seasoned innovation.

We provide you with material characterization instruments for all types of adsorption studies.
News and Events
Meeting in the Spring City: Grand Launch of the Bai Ze Project — Precision, User-Friendly, Safe, Defining a New Benchmark for Chemical Adsorption Instruments



Meeting in the Spring City: Grand Launch of the Bai Ze Project — Precision, User-Friendly, Safe, Defining a New Benchmark for Chemical Adsorption Instruments

On July 23, 2023, Beijing JWGB Instruments Co., Ltd. held a grand unveiling ceremony for the BaiZe Project - Full Automatic Adsorption Analyzer, bringing together experts and scholars in the field of catalysis in Kunming. The theme of this conference was "Rui Shou BaiZe Rides ……

"Creating Together, Winning Together, Intelligent Manufacturing for the Future" – JWGB Holds the Inauguration Ceremony for its Tianjin Production Base



"Creating Together, Winning Together, Intelligent Manufacturing for the Future" – JWGB Holds the Inauguration Ceremony for its Tianjin Production Base

On the morning of July 2, 2023, Beijing JWGB Instrument Co., Ltd. hosted the inauguration ceremony of its Tianjin production base at Saida International Industrial City in the West Qing Economic and Technological Development Zone, with the theme "Creating Together, Winning Tog……



"Embracing Nature, Walking in Health" – JWGB's Spring Outing Event in 2023 Successfully Concludes!

On the morning of April 23rd, JWGB colleagues gathered at Juanyuan Village in Wangping Town, Mentougou District, west of Beijing, for the spring outing event. The village is located along the Wangping Ancient Road, and the nearby Xiluo Slope Village houses an ancient residence……



"Unity and Diligence, Striving for Excellence" - JWGB 2023 New Year Gala

On January 17, 2023, JWGB's New Year Gala was held as scheduled, summarizing and reviewing the achievements of 2022, while also outlining plans and prospects for 2023. The past year was extraordinarily challenging! Faced with various pressures and challenges such as the……

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