April 20, 2010, China Association for Instrumental Analysis organizes the experts holding the Technical appraise at the Holiday Inn. The technical appraisal is for Beijing JWGB’s project of  "high-performance nitrogen adsorption surface area and pore size analyzer"

Guofan Jin Tsinghua Academician is the director of this appraisal. The Secretary-General of China Association for Instrumental Analysis Yuying Zhang also attends the appraisal, and other authoritative experts in precision instruments industry, physical and chemical analysis, such as Professor Shunchang Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology Professor Ruonong Fu, Beijing Iron and Steel Research Institute Professor Rongze Hu, Professor Liu Xiyao Yanshan Petrochemical Research Institute, Professor Zheng Shuilin China University of Mining.

JWGB passed the identification smoothly.  It is appraised by the experts highly. The project is led by Professor Jiaxiang Zhong Technical Team. They take efforts over the 10 years for the scientific research and technological achievements. Beijing JWGB will take the opportunity to enhance the capability of independent innovation in the first place, and strive to make greater improvements of the instrument performances. We will make a positive contribution for the development of domestic equipment.